Dr. Christopher Witko to Guest Lecture | Department of Political Science

Dr. Christopher Witko to Guest Lecture

Event Date: 
Friday, February 16, 2018 - 2:30pm
Event Location: 
Wooten Hall 216

The UNT Political Science Department is proud to announce that Dr. Christopher Witko will be discussing his new book, The New Economic Populism. Dr. Witko will discuss why Donald Trump's 2016 victory shouldn't have shocked the world in today's day and age of stagnant wages for most and skyrocketing incomes for others.

Dr. Witko is Director of the University of South Carolina's Master of Public Administration program where he specializes in state budgeting, the effects of school reform on students and communities, and how public policies influence economic outcomes such as job creation and inequality. Dr. Witko also has done extensive research into how organized interests influence public policy. His researched was bolstered by his time as a New York Senator and his time at the Department of Labor where he focused on youth job creation and training programs. For students, this is an ideal opportunity to learn about how states are ideally positioned to address income inequality, how public opinion polls and national survey data is used to assess perceptions about income disparities.

We extend this invitation to all students and faculty to hear Dr. Witko's remarks on Friday, February 16 at 2:30PM in Wooten 216.

Education Profile:

  • Ph.D., Political Science, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

  • M.A., Political Science, State University of New York

  • B.A., Political Science, State University of New York

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