Wooten Hall Upgrades Begin | Department of Political Science
July 2, 2018

Wooten Hall Upgrades Begin

For awhile now the Political Science, History, and Economics Departments have been preparing Wooten Hall for some pretty big changes. In addition to doing an aspestos abatement, Wooten Hall will be undergoing some additional structural changes to surprass building code regulations and consequently our department will look slightly different. We will be moving our seminar room from WH 130 to WH 111 and giving the department more space to hold larger seminars, more access to technology, and host bigger work groups. Additionally, Wooten Hall's central staircase will receive a class divider similar to the one put into place in Willis Library. This divider and the removal of the little used corridor benches should provide students with a more open environment. Wooten will also be receiving a some new side stairscases to help with congestion.

We're excited for the upgrades to our home and we hope you are too! Check out our Twitter feed for pictures!