Amalia Pulido Gomez | Department of Political Science

Amalia Pulido Gomez

Graduate Student

Fields of Study: Comparative Politics and Political Methodology
Research Interests: Political violence and party behavior in newer democracies


"Unusual Bedfellows? PRI-Green Electoral Alliances in Mexican Legislative Elections" (with Jae-Jae Spoon). Journal of Politics in Latin America 9(2): 63-92. 2017.

"Violencia y Comportamiento Electoral: El Caso del Estado de Mexico" (with Bernardo Almaraz Calderon). Apuntes Electorales 16(51). 2017.

"Does Conflict Lead to Ethnic Particularism? Electoral Violence and Ethnicity in Kenya: 2005-2008" (with John Ishiyama and Brandon Stewart). Nationalism and Ethnic Politics. 22(3): 300-321. 2016.

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