Ronald McGauvran | Department of Political Science

Ronald McGauvran

Graduate Student
WH 140
  • Fields of Study: American Politics and Political Methodology
  • Research Interests: Political behavior, economic inequality, racial inequality, representation, participation, race and ethnic politics, economic policy
  • Publications:

Branton, Regina P., and Ronald J. McGauvran. n.d. "Mary Jane Rocks the Vote: The Impact of Climate Context on Support for Cannabis Initiatives." Politics & Policy (forthcoming)

Eshbaugh-Soha, Matthew, and Ronald J. McGauvran. n.d. "Presidential Leadership, the News Media, and Income Inequality*." Political Research Quarterly (forthcoming).

Biglaiser, Glen, and Ronald J. McGauvran. n.d. "Political Mandate and Clarity of Responsibility: Economic Policies under Rightist Governments in Latin America." Latin American Research Review (forthcoming).

McGauvran, Ronald J., and Elizabeth Oldmixon. n.d. "God is a pretty fair guy": Assessing the Relationship between Religion and Economic Attitudes" In The Evangelical Crackup: Will the Evangelical-Republican Coalition Last? eds. Paul Djupe and Ryan Claassen. Temple University Press. (forthcoming)

McGauvran, Ronald J., and Matthew Eshbaugh-Soha. 2017. "Presidential Speeches amid a More Centralized and Unified Congress" Congress & the Presidency 44(1): 55-76.

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