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About LMAS

The University of North Texas Latina/o and Mexican-American Studies Program will promote a fast-growing dynamic field of study. As the U.S. demographics rapidly change, corporations, educational institutions, government agencies and other organizations will need personnel who can help them maintain a competitive edge in a globalized economy, especially persons who understand the diversity, complexity, history, politics, sociology, and culture of LMAS communities. UNT is responding to this need through programmatic and curricular development.


The Latina/o and Mexican-American Studies (LMAS) Program Initiative started in the Fall 2013 under the jurisdiction of Dr. Yolanda Flores Niemann, Senior Vice-Provost, Provost and VP Academic Affairs of UNT. Through this initiative, an LMAS Committee was created that consisted of the following faculty members: Dr. Alicia Re Cruz, Full Professor, UNT Anthropology Department; Dr. Valerie Martinez-Ebers, Full Professor, UNT Department of Political Science; Dr. Roberto Calderon, Associate Professor, UNT Department of History; Dr. Mariela Nuñez-Janes , Associate Professor, UNT Department of Anthropology; Dr. Javier Jaime Rodriguez, Assistant Professor, UNT Department of English and Dr. Lorenzo Garcia, Associate Professor and Chair of the UNT Department of Dance and Theatre. An Interim Director, Dr. Leticia Anaya, Senior Lecturer from the UNT Department of Engineering Technology, was selected to implement the initiative and to start up the LMAS Program.

Briefly, the UNT LMAS Program offers

•A 15 hr LMAS Certificate at the University of North Texas.
•A Bachelor of Arts degree in Latino, Culture, Economy and Policy (LCEP). This major examines the politics, history, language, culture, literature, sociology, anthropology, economics, and creative accomplishments of Latinos of various origins in the US. It consists of 30 hours of LMAS oriented courses from different fields, including Political Science, History, Anthropology, Spanish, English, Sociology, Economics, and among others. LCEP will prepare students to be more competitive in the increasingly challenging and diverse workforce environment.

Resources for DACA Students

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To learn more about our LMAS program and to keep up to date on future events visit us HERE. We would like to thank all of our participants and contributors for making this event such a huge success!

La Raza Graduation: April 27, 2019