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Graduate Student Publications

Our graduate students have published a number of articles and book chapters, whether sole-authored, co-authored with graduate students, or with faculty. Students have published articles in a range of journals, including: The Journal of Politics, Political Research Quarterly, Party Politics, Journal of Conflict Resolution, Social Science Quarterly, and Congress and the Presidency. Many of these publications relate to the student's substantive area of research interest. Click here for a longer list of articles and book chapters published prior to 2012.


Biglaiser, Glen and Ronald J McGauvran. 2018. "Political Mandate and Clarity of Responsibility: Economic Policies under Rightist Governments in Latin America." Latin American Research Review 55(2).

Gürbüz, Mustafa, and Şeyma Akyol. 2017. "Ethnic Reforms and the Puzzle of Public Framing: The Case of Kurds in Turkey." Contemporary Islam 11(2): 157-169.

McGauvran Ronald J., and Matthew Eshbaugh-Soha. 2017. "Presidential Speeches amid a More Centralized and Unified Congress" Congress & the Presidency 44(1): 55-76.

Xi, Jinrui. "Chinese Government Village Inspections: Where Does the King Show Up?" Asian Survey. 57,3 (2017): 450-474.

Xi, Jinrui. 2017. "The Republic of the Philippines" in Political Handbook of the World (PHW) 2016-2017, Tom Lansford, ed. Washington DC: CQ Press (Accepted Oct 2016).

Xi, Jinrui. 2017. "The Kingdom of Thailand" in Political Handbook of the World (PHW) 2016-2017, Tom Lansford, ed. Washington DC: CQ Press (Accepted Oct 2016).

Xi, Jinrui. 10 November 2016. "Marketing the Party: Official Inspections in China." Books and Ideas. ISSN: 2105-3030.

Breuning, Marijke, Jeremy Backstorn, Jeremy Brannon, Benjamin Isaak Gross, and Michael Widmeier. 2015. "Reviewer Fatigue? Why Scholars Decline to Review their Peers' Work." PS: Political Science and Politics 48(4): 595-600.

Eshbaugh-Soha, Matthew, and Christopher Linebarger. 2014. "Presidential and Media Leadership of Public Opinion on Iraq." Foreign Policy Analysis 10: 351-369.

Eshbaugh-Soha, Matthew, and Christine Balarezo. 2014. "The President on Spanish-Language Television News." Social Science Quarterly 95: 448-467.

Timothy Haglund. 2014. "Was Erasmus's Christian Politics Too Uncompromising?" Expositions: Interdisciplinary Studies in the Humanities 8(1): 168-175.

Drummond, Nicholas W. 2014. "Immigration and the Therapeutic Managerial Government." Telos: A Quarterly Journal of Critical Thought 166: 174-180.

Ishiyama, John and Anna Batta. 2012. "The Emergence of Dominant Party Systems in Unrecognized States." Communist and Post-Communist Studies 45: 123-130.

Ishiyama, John, Anna Batta and Angela Sortor. 2013. "Political Parties, Independents, and the Electoral Market in Sub Saharan Africa." Party Politics 19: 695-712.

Ishiyama, John and Anna Pechenina. 2012. "Environmental Degredation and Genocide." Ethnopolitics 11: 141-58.

Matsubayashi, Tetsuya and Jun-deh Wu. 2012. "Distributive Politics and Voter Turnout." Journal of Elections, Public Opinion & Parties 22: 167-85.

Meernik, James, Rosa Aloisi and Jennifer Ding. 2012. "The Influence of Home Country Characteristics on Judicial Decision Making at the ICTY." Judicature 95: 171-176.

Meernik, James, Rosa Aloisi, Angela Nichols and Marsha Sowell. 2012. "The Impact of Human Rights Organizations on Naming and Shaming Campaigns." Journal of Conflict Resolution 56: 233-256.

Wright, Thorin and J. Michael Greig. 2012. "Assessing the Durability of Peacekeeping Operations." Conflict Management & Peace Science 29:127-147.

Book Chapters

Breuning, Marijke, and Christopher Linebarger. 2012. "Foreign Aid," in Routledge Handbook of American Foreign Policy, eds. Steven W. Hook and Christopher M. Jones. Routledge.

Oldmixon, Elizabeth & Nicholas Drummond. forthcoming. "Religion and U.S. Foreign Policy in the 20th Century." In Companion to Religion and Politics in the United States. Barbara McGraw, ed. New York, NY: Wiley-Blackwell.

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