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Graduate Student Publications

Our graduate students have published a number of articles and book chapters, whether sole-authored, co-authored with graduate students, or with faculty. Students have published articles in a range of journals, including: The Journal of Politics, Political Research Quarterly, Party Politics, Journal of Conflict Resolution, Social Science Quarterly, and Congress and the Presidency. Many of these publications relate to the student's substantive area of research interest.


Breuning, Marijke, and Gabriela Okundaye. 2021. "Half of the Cabinet: Explaining Ethiopia's Move to Gender Parity in the Government." Special issue "Ethiopia in Transition," Journal of Asian and African Studies. 56(5):1064-1078. DOI: 10.1177/00219096211007652.

Okundaye, Gabriela, and Marijke Breuning. 2021. "Is the Expansion of Women's Access to Political Leadership Rewarded? Evidence from the Allocation of US Foreign Aid" Journal of Women, Politics & Policy. 42(3): 225-242. DOI: 10.1080/1554477X.2021.1929599.

Kim, Taekbin. 2021. "Who Is Purged? Determinants of Elite Purges in North Korea." Communist and Post-Communist Studies. 54(3): 73-96. DOI:10.1525/j.postcomstud.2021.54.3.73

Ishiyama, John, and Taekbin Kim. 2020. "Authoritarian survival strategies and elite churn: The case of North Korea." International Area Studies Review. 23(2): 160-176. DOI: 10.1177/2233865920920740

Feinberg, Ayal. Forthcoming. "Homeland Violence and Diaspora Insecurity: An Analysis of Israel and American Jewry" Politics & Religion

Kirisci, Mustafa, and Emirhan Demirhan. "Resource Wealth as Leverage: Natural Resources and the Failure of Non-violent Campaigns." Government and Opposition (2019): 1-19.

Kirisci, Mustafa, and J. Michael Greig. "Reputation, Pressure and Concession-making in Claim Disputes." International Negotiation 1, no. aop (2019): 1-29

Biglaiser, Glen and Ronald J McGauvran. 2018. "Political Mandate and Clarity of Responsibility: Economic Policies under Rightist Governments in Latin America." Latin American Research Review 55(2).

Pulido Gomez, Amalia. "Unusual Bedfellows? PRI-Green Electoral Alliances in Mexican Legislative Elections" (with Jae-Jae Spoon). Journal of Politics in Latin America 9(2): 63-92. 2017.

Pulido Gomez, Amalia. "Violencia y Comportamiento Electoral: El Caso del Estado de Mexico" (with Bernardo Almaraz Calderon). Apuntes Electorales 16(51). 2017.

Gürbüz, Mustafa, and Şeyma Akyol. 2017. "Ethnic Reforms and the Puzzle of Public Framing: The Case of Kurds in Turkey." Contemporary Islam 11(2): 157-169.

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Xi, Jinrui. 2017. "The Republic of the Philippines" in Political Handbook of the World (PHW) 2016-2017, Tom Lansford, ed. Washington DC: CQ Press (Accepted Oct 2016).

Xi, Jinrui. 2017. "The Kingdom of Thailand" in Political Handbook of the World (PHW) 2016-2017, Tom Lansford, ed. Washington DC: CQ Press (Accepted Oct 2016).

Meernik, James, Nenad Golcevski, Ayal Feinberg, Kimi King, Roman Krastev, and Melissa McKay. 2016. "Social Distance, Education and Reconciliation in the Formal Yugoslavia." Journal of Southeast European and Black Sea Studies.

Feinberg, Ayal and Dapne Richemond-Barak. 2016. "The Irony of Iron Dome: Intelligent Defense Systems, Law and Security." Harvard National Security Journal 7(2)

Xi, Jinrui. 10 November 2016. "Marketing the Party: Official Inspections in China." Books and Ideas. ISSN: 2105-3030.

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Eshbaugh-Soha, Matthew, and Christopher Linebarger. 2014. "Presidential and Media Leadership of Public Opinion on Iraq." Foreign Policy Analysis 10: 351-369.

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