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Peace Science Overview

Fall 2023 Peace Studies Approved Courses List

Our Department has an outstanding reputation in peace science research--the study of the causes and consequences of conflict. We hosted the 2010 annual meetings of the Peace Science Society, and have an excellent record of placing graduate students at research universities. In addition, our department is home to the only Peace Studies program in the Southwest; has hosted numerous conferences on international topics and is home to award-winning study abroad programs. Our faculty publish extensively on international relations and comparative politics in academic journals and presses, and also apply their expertise regarding current world events in outlets such as The Washington Post, Foreign Policy, The World Bank, and The U.S. Army War College. You can find more about their interests below.

Professor Glen Biglaiser - Latin American politics, economic and political issues in the developing world.
Professor Marijke Breuning - foreign policy, gender issues and political science education.
Professor Jacqueline DeMeritt - Human rights and repression, violent political conflict, and research methods
Professor Andrew Enterline - International conflict, civil conflict, and imposed polities.
Professor Michael Greig - conflict mediation, peacekeeping, and imposed polities.
Professor Paul Hensel - territorial disputes, international rivers, international conflict and conflict management.
Professor John Ishiyama - East European politics, political transitions, and political science education.
Professor James Meernik - transitional justice, US foreign policy, and post-conflict peacebuilding.

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