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Michelle Ramirez -- Vita

  • Ph.D. (2021)
  • Areas of Interest: American Politics; Racial and Ethnic Politics; Community-police Relations; Latino Politics; Political Behavior
  • Dissertation: "The Perils of Poor Community-Police Relations: Exploring the Link Between Race, Police Perceptions, and Public Trust in Government"
  • Committee: Valerie Martinez-Ebers (Chair), Tony E. Carey, Regina Branton, and Diego Esparza
  • Email: michelleramirez2@my.unt.edu


Amanda White Bennett -- Vita

  • Ph.D. (2020)
  • Areas of Interest: comparative politics, international political economy, organized crime and violent non-state actors, Latin American politics
  • Dissertation: "Risky Business: A Subnational Analysis of Organized Crime and Foreign Direct Investment in Mexico"
  • Committee: Glen Biglaiser (Chair), John Ishiyama, T. David Mason, Lee Walker
  • Email: amanda.white@unt.edu

Yen-Hsin Chen -- Vita

  • Ph.D. (2017). Currently a visiting assistant professor at Trinity College.
  • Areas of Interest: Comparative politics, international relations, Chinese politics, protest
  • Dissertation: "Protests in China: Why and Which Chinese People Go to the Streets"
  • Committee: T. David Mason (co-Chair), Phil Paolino (co-Chair), Ko Maeda, and John Ishiyama.
  • Email: ychen1@trinity.edu

Hope Dewell Gentry -- Vita, Website

  • Ph.D. candidate (expected completion: 2021)
  • Areas of interest: Comparative politics, nationalism, politics and religion, East Asian politics
  • Dissertation: "The Strategic Use of Religion in a Secular State: The Impact of Religious Organizations on Japanese Politics"
  • Committee: Ko Maeda (chair), John Ishiyama, Elizabeth Oldmixon, and Regina Branton
  • Email: HopeDewellGentry@my.unt.edu

Mustafa Kirisci

  • Ph.D. (2019)
  • Areas of Interest: Civil wars, terrorism, nonviolent movements, state repression
  • Dissertation: "Life Cycle of Terrorist Groups: When Terror Groups Emerge and Exit​"
  • Committee: T. David Mason (chair), Michael Greig, Jacqueline H.R. DeMeritt, Paul Hensel.
  • Email: mustafakirisci46@gmail.com

Michael Widmeier -- Vita, Website

  • Ph.D. (2020)
  • Areas of Interest: Comparative politics, international relations, civil war, rebel organization, causes and consequences of refugees, violence against civilians
  • Dissertation: "Where Do They Come From, and Where Do They Go? Rebel Group Origins and the Dynamics of Civil War"
  • Committee: Idean Salehyan (Chair), John Ishiyama, T. David Mason, Jacqueline DeMeritt.
  • Email: MichaelWidmeier@my.unt.edu


Seyma Akyol -- Vita

  • Ph.D. (2021)
  • Areas of Interest: International Relations, Conflict Management, Civil Conflict, Human Rights, International Organizations, Non-Governmental Organizations.
  • Dissertation: "Collaboration among Conflict Management Practitioners and Human Rights Advocacy Groups"
  • Committee: Michael Greig (Chair), Marijke Breuning, John Ishiyama, and Jacqueline DeMeritt.
  • Email: SeymaAkyol@my.unt.edu

Bora Jeong -- Vita, Website

  • Ph.D. (2021)
  • Areas of Interest: International Relations, Conflict Management, International Political Economy, Political Violence, and Civil Conflicts
  • Dissertation: "Foreign Direct Investment and Sustainable Peace during/after Civil Conflicts"
  • Committee: Michael Greig (Chair), Glen Biglaiser, John Ishiyama, and T. David Mason
  • Email: BoraJeong@my.unt.edu

Daniel Mintun -- Vita, Website

  • Ph.D. candidate (expected completion: 2021)
  • Areas of Interest: International Relations, Conflict Management, Foreign Policy, and Human Rights.
  • Dissertation: "Third Party Actor Interests and Conflict Management Approaches in Intrastate and Interstate Conflict"
  • Committee: J. Michael Greig (Chair), Jacqueline DeMeritt, Marijke Breuning, James Meernik, and John Ishiyama
  • Email: DanielMintun@my.unt.edu


Sebastian R. Graham

  • Ph.D. candidate (expected completion: 2021)
  • Areas of Interest: Classical Political Philosophy, Modern Political Philosophy, Politics and Literature, Political Psychology, Political Ambition, Leadership, Statesmanship, Rhetoric, Democracy, Populism.
  • Dissertation: "To Constrain or to Tame: Machiavelli and Aristotle on the issue of Popular Leadership and Demagoguery"
  • Committee: Richard Ruderman (chair), Steven Forde, Marijke Breuning, and Alexander Duff
  • Email: srg0125@unt.edu

Evan M. Lowe -- Website

  • Ph.D. (2021)
  • Areas of Interest: Classical political philosophy, modern political philosophy, politics of modern science, American political thought, American Presidency
  • Dissertation: "Political Judgment and Rule in Francis Bacon's New Atlantis"
  • Committee: Richard S. Ruderman (Chair), Steven P. Forde, Matthew Eshbaugh-Soha and Martin Yaffee (UNT Philosophy).
  • Email: EvanLowe@my.unt.edu

Placement Record

Placement Director - Dr. Ko Maeda - Ko.Maeda@unt.edu

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