Dissertation Research Award | Department of Political Science

Dissertation Research Award

In an effort to assist graduate students who need funding to support dissertation research, the Department will award up to three awards per academic year, at up to $1,500 each, subject to available funding. The amount awarded will be based on a budgeted and justified need to conduct research essential to the dissertation.

Some examples of valid requests include, field work, requests for software not available at UNT, or to purchase a dataset. If the request is for funding to travel, the student is advised that the College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences (CLASS) also funds travel for research (in lieu of funding for conference travel).

Any student who has successfully defended a prospectus and is making satisfactory progress in the program is eligible to apply. Students may apply more than once, but can only receive funding once.

To Apply
Students must submit the following to the Graduate Advisor by March 1, 2023:

  1. A one-page cover letter explaining a) the project, b) what the award will be used for, and c) how the award will contribute to the dissertation;
  2. A detailed budget;
  3. A letter of support from their advisor;
  4. If research involves travel, evidence of having applied for additional travel money (at UNT or externally)

The graduate advisor, along with faculty members of the graduate studies committee, will make the final determination of the award recipients subject to approval by the Department's Executive Committee. Students will submit receipts for reimbursement.